A downloadable game for Windows

Hunt, farm, gather or steal to make a living in a roguelike world!

Press [F1] for help - I didn't get [ ? ] to work with that new library. Due to Windows 10 messing up my console output, I switched to using libtcod.

Please note: There is no winning in this game. Your goals should be: Survive one year, then survive a second year. Then there should be no added difficulty in suviving the following years.

You can, of course, do other things, like setting the whole forest ablase, trying to burn orcs (they die, but unfortunately, you can't eat them), or some such.

Have fun!

The "Starting Point" file is my starting point for the 7DRL: A translation of most of the first nine parts of the tcod tutorial into C++. I uploaded it so you can check what is new and what was there already before the jam. The other files are the current version.

Update: On March 9, 18:06 I uploaded a new version which fixes some keyboard issue and adds a menu background orc.

Update: While trying to create a linux version of the game, I destroyed my linux installation instead. I only have gcc 4.8, and libtcod needs a newer version... It'd be great if someone else could compile this for linux!

Install instructions

Download the win64 binary zip, unpack it, and play. It should work. If not, the library TCOD is missing Microsoft's C++ runtime package. You can get it from Microsoft.

Or download the source code and compile yourself. You need GNU g++ and libtcod.


7DRL-Orclands-win64.zip 1 MB
7DRL-Orclands-win32.zip 1 MB
7DRL-Orclands-src.zip 42 kB
7DRL-Starting-Point-src.zip 31 kB


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Undocumented command d to drop an item from your inventory. g will also pick up something from the floor.

How do you make a fire, collect berries or plant things? I only managed to pick up a branch which I thought I could use to kill orcs but that didn't seem to work.

Use a - apply to make fire (if you found the required stuff) or plant, and use comma - pick up to collect berries. And you can kill orcs with or without a branch :)

Aha! On another play-through one of my captures had a flint & steel. Now I might get somewhere.