A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

You, the youngest member of a farmer's family, exactly 17 years and one month old, liked life as a farmer.

But you are special.

You always tried to conceal your magic abilities,  but recently, the mages of the "wizards' village", as your family refers to  that strange walled conglomeration  of towers  on  the hill some miles away,  must have found something out.

Yesterday  they came and got you.  You see  no chance  of  escape  from their walls,  so you'll have to deal with them.

Perhaps  you  could  become  their new leader  and open their village for information exchange and trade,  for thebenefit of all mages of the world?

Good luck!

This is a relatively small roguelike, where combat is performed in one of two ways: Magic or a board game duel. Any similarity to board games that are called like typical pets (forwards or backwards) are intended!

This is my first 7DRL entry. It might be hard to get where to start - try the green mages :) !

Missing features that might be added later:

  • More duel maps
  • Fights among four players, in teams
  • More cards
  • Directly challenging other mages, if you have tame cats
  • Some difference between cat species
  • More possibilities for acquiring tame cats

Install instructions

You can download the Windows or Linux binary or the BASIC source code.

The source code runs in Microsoft QBasic 1.1 or can be compiled with FreeBasic, if you include the FelineFB.bi and compile with error handling. Simply use the provided build scripts. This is how I created the binaries. Use FelinesX.bas under Un*x systems, as the X-less version uses special IBM characters that lead to display problems.

Note: Around March 11,  20:50 I fixed the savegame bug. It was a double CLOSE #1, which QBasic accepts, but FreeBasic does not. Due to line endings ("Ctrl-M's", as IOCCC people say), you cannot move savegames from Linux to Windows. The other way round seems to work.

Note 2: Another bug has been fixed around March 11, 21:15. It made other mages be stuck in their doors.


Felines.exe 187 kB
FelinesX 148 kB
Felines-src.7z 19 kB


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I figured out how to move and read people's spells, and charm cows and chickens, but I can't figure out how to get any cats or fight.

I charmed a bull and teleported it inside the walls, which didn't seem to do anything.

Well ... that's probably my fault (or the 7 days'). Try some magic on the green guy(s)!